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Xen Vps Hosting, How to Find Xen VPS Host

Xen Vps Hosting. If you want to find good and reliable Xen Vps Hosting you have to be able to evaluate different Xen Vps hosts,  but first you need to understand more about Xen and virtualization. Read this post to learn more. In the end I will share some links to some of the best and most reliable Xen Vps hosts.

Lets get you started.

What is Xen? Xen is a hypervisor. Hypervisor is a software which enables several operating systems to run on the same hardware ( server ). 

In fact hypervisor is controlling the hardware, allocating its resources to each operating system. There are Type I and Type II hypervisors.

Main difference is:

  • Type I: Installed as a bare metal install ( directly without OS on the server).
  • Type II: Installed on top of already installed OS.

Most popular type I hypervisors are:


And what about XEN?

Xen was started as a research project in 2003, on university of Cambridge.

Today Xen is an open source project. 

Citrix acquired XenSource Inc in 2007, and developed Citrix XenServer.

Recently Citrix announced that Xenserver 6.2 will beome full open source.

Important feature of Xen is its robustness and small footprint ( very, very lean code). It is important to know that some of the biggest clouds today are running on Xen. XEN is probably the most widespread virtualization technology used for vps hosting today.

Biggest advantage of XEN virtualisation is isolation.

Other important advantages of XEN vps is security and stability.

Some of the most reliable VPS hosts today use XEN because of these features.

XEN is actually the only open source type 1 baremetal hypervisor.

Remember baremetal means that XEN is installed directly on server without OS.

Exactly this fact is the main reason why XEN is a superior method of VPS virtualization, enabling:

  • Isolation
  • Security
  • Robustness
  • Small footprint

If you want to go into more details on how exactly XEN virtualization works read this post.

For even more details on virtualization and XEN architecture read this post.

If you are not technical person it is important to know that:

  • XEN is installed directly on hardware.
  • XEN works by managing hardware.
  • XEN enables simultaneous different operating systems on the same hardware.

XEN approach to virtualization is very different from another popular virtualization method OpenVZ/Virtuozzo. This post explains very good pros and cons of both methods.

Most sources will agree that XEN approach to virtualizaion is superior to openVZ.

XEN will create VPS which characteristics are very close to characteristics of dedicated server.

XEN VPS is very stable and you can customize it almost as dedicated server.

Important advantage of XEN is that it manages memory and resources much better than OpenVZ.

One of advantages of OpenVZ is that it is often slightly cheaper than XEN vps.

Main reason for this is because it is harder to oversell XEN ( but not impossible).

These are some of the most known XEN VPS hosts:



Linode is probably most known XEN VPS host. They are probably first name you will encounter if you are searching for XEN VPS. Linode completely deserves its reputation as one of most reliable XEN VPS providers.


Founded in 2003 Linode currently has 6 data centers ( Tokyo,London,Newark, Atlanta, Dallas, Fremont).


Always considered as one of the top names in the industry Linode is a great host if you need robust service.


Linode has recently moved from monthly to metered billing ( in a very user friendly and simplified way).




Another popular name in VPS hosting world. PhotonVPS has been around since 1999.


PhotonVPS offers several XEN VPS plans ( Warp .25, Warp .5, Warp 1, Warp 2, Warp 3, Warp 4).






Interesting feature of RimuHosting is that you can choose from custom VPS plans or you can build your own customized plan here. http://rimuhosting.com/order/v2orderstart.jsp#variable_plan



Or you can choose between preset plans. http://rimuhosting.com/order/v2orderstart.jsp#discrete_plan



RimuHosting has been around since 2002 based in New Zealand RimuHosting has dana ceneters in Dallas, London, Australia and Auckland. They have been involved with Xen for a long time.




VPSlink is another host which offers XEN platform. VPSlink offers 5 XEN Vps pricing plans.


Link-1,Link-2,Link-3,Link-4 and Link-5.



ProVPS  was founded in 1999. Currently they offer 5 VPS plans based on XEN virtualization.



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